Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good experience; no problems with pain management

I had surgery for uterine cancer a few months ago at Henry Mayo, and I have absolutely no complaints about the care I received. I had no problems with pain management; the nursing staff responded very quickly to my calls. Problems can occur at any hospital: Cedars-Sinai, UCLA Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital are all well-regarded, and yet all have had their share of bad publicity for alleged medical errors and poor patient care. I am sorry your experience at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital was a traumatic one for you and your family. In my personal experience, with my own medical care and with that of other members of my family, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital rates very highly in professionalism, compassion, and patient care.


  1. If you look at the hospital rankings , this hospital is crappy...maybe you had a good experience but most do not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I work at the hospital and I can only tell you the hospital has just received its re-accreditation report. The hospital was cited, (GET THIS) 17 times for poor care and has to do some remediation items within 45 days or will have the hospital reduced in rankings. I wish I could say the hospital is great but it is NOT!!!!

  3. Henry Mayo's accreditation report can be found on the Joint Commission website. Wow, I am impressed. They actually did quite well. I have never been a patient there but I only hear positive things about this place. ALso it looks like the few citations were physician related.