Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hospital Horror Stories: New ICU under quarantine after death

(Updated 9:00 PM Sept. 4, 2012) The HMNMH new ICU is under quarantine. A 19 year old patient has died of an infection and has contaminated the ICU which apparently happened on Monday, Sept.3, 2012 . Any nurses, family, or employees are being required to wear protective gowns upon entering the ICU. All of the patients in the ICU are being tested for the acinetobacter, a particularly bad bacteria, by having blood and x-rays taken. Medical personnel at HMNMH think the ventilator was infected with the bacteria. 
The State of California Public Health Department has... NOT... been notified as the administrator, at the time of the original posting, wants to keep this infection a secret by not telling the public or health authorities. This is another example how the administrator of the local hospital is managing all actions so he can put his "nothing is wrong" spin on all problems. Instead of investigating and responding he is behind close doors with his team in the spin factory headquarters.

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